Secret Santa & Shared Drawing: a Game for Motivation and Team Work

Hello everyone!

I’ve been looking for an activity that both *motivates and promotes teamwork and I found one that worked great!

First, because it was right after lunch, I started with an icebreaker, which consisted of a Secret Santa type activity in which, the present, was created using play dough. The goal was to *wake up everybody from their post lunch food coma and to break down barriers with a silly activity so people’s true personalities could shine through*.

After that we started an activity that aims to encourage teamwork, forcing individuals to get help from others. It is called the Shared Drawing Activity.

This is what you need for it to work:

Items needed:

- Paper

- Pencils

- Colored pens.

- blind folds

- headphones with a music player or noise canceling headphones.

How to do it:

- Divide the team into groups of no more than 5 people.

Each group will have the task of drawing a boat using a sheet of paper and colored pens.

Each participant will take one action at a time. Example: the first participant makes a dash, and the next action is for another participant.

However, participants will have to meet the following individual characteristics:

- Participant 1 — is blindfolded and can only use their right arm;

- Participant 2 — is blindfolded and can only use their left arm;

- Participant 3 — is blindfolded and can’t hear (I suggest headphones with loud music playing);

- Participant 4 — is blindfolded and not allowed to speak;

- Participant 5 — can’t use either arms.

If you have less people I suggest making sure only one person can see and that person should not be able to to use their arms. Also only one person can speak and/or hear.

The idea is to create a group with complimentary senses so they really on each other to get the task done.

When the groups are ready, start a timer, letting the groups do the activity without interruption for about 5–10 minutes. Then switch up the rolls.

After the game, the facilitator does an evaluation that addresses the difficulties encountered and how they were or could be overcome. Reinforce the importance of cooperation there were put into practice and how they have managed to make the drawing happen.

It’s worth testing! My team really enjoyed the activity!

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