Letter to Scrum Masters´, Agilists´ and the like´s Recruiters

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Letter to Scrum Masters´, Agilists´ and the like´s Recruiters

Recently, stories of (supposed) Agilists who put on their CVs that they have a certain certification without actually having it have reached me.

This, in addition to disrespecting those who studied, worked hard and successfully passed the test, obtaining the certificate, ends up deceiving you — professionals so busy and committed to seeking the best for the company in which they work — and that, of course, they would never think that candidates could have such reprehensible behavior in real bad faith.

The truth is that people of dubious character have been taking advantage of the heated and thirsty market for professionals trained in Agility, to take advantage and lie in their resumes. Therefore, so that the HRs of companies do not waste their time being deceived by anti-professional and pseudo-Agile candidates, I invite you all to always check, on the websites of the organizations providing the certification (eg: Scrum.Org and Scrum Alliance), if the candidate’s name is really there before you guys even start the selection process; if it’s on the Scrum.org website, it will appear like this: https://www.scrum.org/user/276450.

I highly recommend you to take this care because it is the professional who runs after it, who fights, who studies the one that should take the merit for what he/she did, and not people who take advantage and are of a bad nature. More than that, I am sure that you would like to have honest people being hired and living in the same environment as you.

I respect your work very much and hope I contributed with my testimonial, my friends!

I imagine how busy and difficult it is to work with Recruitment and Selection and I highly value the time and dedication of all of you.


Vanessa Franchi.

A truly Agile enthusiast! Brazilian Agile Leader, working at Invillia, a Global Growth Framework connected by developers, engineers, makers, and dreamers.

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