Gartic: Gamification in Remote Teams´Engagement

Vanessa Franchi
2 min readApr 1, 2020



In times of seclusion and given the reality of remote teams, it is necessary to reinvent yourself to ensure that engagement, so important in a team, is not harmed, right?

So, I would like to share with you an experience that worked very well in one of the teams that I am part of.

We had suggested having a happy hour, using Google’s Meet tool (, but the team went further and brought up the suggestion — even better — to combine this with a gamification.

Basically we created a virtual room at Meet and another on the Gartic website (

While we waited for the game to start, we chatted by voice and video at the Meet and, once the Gartic game started, we turned off the camera and kept talking.

The idea of the game is as follows: the system proposes something to be drawn and, while one focuses on this activity, the others try to guess the drawing, making a guess after the other, which makes the game funny and engaging, almost addictive.

We spent more than two hours playing and we had a lot of fun!

Give it a try too and tell me how it went! ;)

Ah! It is important to ask the team to sign up on the website beforehand and ensure that they are logged in so that they are not “kicked” by Gartic during the game.

Have a good time! :)



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